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Beti Utsav

Mothers celebrating their new born daughters at an ActionAid Beti Utsav celebration in New Delhi.

Singer Lucy Rose's new music video 'Nebraska' stars Danny Dyer as a conflicted man coming to terms with how to present himself to the world as who he really is. Around the world pressure from society holds people back - from what we wear to how we are valued by others.During a recent trip to India with ActionAid, 26-year-old Lucy discovered the catastrophic consequences of girls not being valued as highly as boys. Read her moving account of visiting a celebration of new born girls to find out why this festival is so important for the identity of girls in India.

Two girls dance at a Beti Utsav celebration in Bhalswa, New Delhi

Can you guess why the Prime Minister of India urged his people to share selfies earlier this month? It might seem strange, but the #selfiewithdaughter trend is part of the nation’s efforts to celebrate daughters in a country where they’re often valued less than sons – so much so that many girls are neglected or even aborted because of their sex. Here’s how ActionAid are celebrating girls in India.

The Beti Utsav festivities celebrate the birth of girls in India

The last couple of weeks have seen some huge developments in the campaign to end female foeticide in India (the practice of aborting baby girls because of the huge desire to have sons).