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Shubarna, 13, wants to become a doctor to help the people in her village along the North Channel in Faridpur.

Climate change and the child brides

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According to the UN, Bangladesh has one of the highest rates of child marriage in the world. Women we are working with tell us that climate change is making things worse. Cyclones place huge pressure on already poor families. When parents struggle to feed their children, many feel compelled to give their daughters away in marriage.The women and girls we met in Bangladesh talk about the dangers they face and how ActionAid is supporting them to tackle them.

ActionAid colleagues from around the world at the UN General Assembly

As the UN agreed the new Sustainable Development Goals last week, over 80 Heads of Government met to show how they would work to promote gender equality and end violence against women. Unfortunately, David Cameron wasn’t one of them.

Wangu Kanja, 40, founder of the Wangu Kanja Foundation in Kenya

Violence against women is a shocking fact of life for one woman in three globally. It not only affects women physically and psychologically, but it holds back entire communities and their development. Bringing down violence isn't easy, but fearless women all over the world are standing up and speaking out. Let these five amazing women inspire you with their stories of fearlessness and stand with them by taking action now.

Ben (centre) and his wife Emily representing the Fearless campaign at LeftFest

Ben Thomas is an ActionAid Local Organiser – part of our UK-wide network of campaigners that take action locally to tackle global poverty and injustice. Ben took our Fearless campaign to LeftFest - a local political festival in Southampton - to spread the word. Here’s how he got on, and why he’s campaigning for ActionAid.

Politicians let money slip though their fingers by not adopting a Tax Dodging Bill

LIVE: General Election updates

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We’ll be bringing you updates and gossip on the general election and post-election negotiations - and looking at what it means for our Tax Dodging Bill campaign and for people living in poverty (most recent information displays on the top).

ActionAid campaigners Georgie and Julietta take action outside UK parliament

Four out of five of us here in the UK think that tax avoidance by big companies, whilst legal, is wrong, and that political parties should be doing more to tackle it. If you want to be part of making that happen - then now's your chance. In the new year we're running training events up and down the UK where you can find out more, learn new skills and meet other people in your area to help step up the campaign.