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Manisha, aged four, lives in a crumbling disused railway station in India.

When I think back about this past year, some of the most striking images that come to my mind are the faces of children, caught up in terrible events that they cannot understand, but that they must endure. The faces of children from Nepal, covered in dust and blood as they crawled from under the rubble that used to be their homes and schools. The faces of refugee children, traumatised by war, searching desperately for safety in a strange land. During the festive season, while we enjoy food and laughter with our loved ones, it's impossible to ignore the plight of millions of children who have nothing.

Kate's Versatile Chocolate Cake recipe

Journalist, restaurant critic and Masterchef judge Kate Spicer explains the culinary journey that's led her to donate this unique recipe to encourage you to #BakeADifference this Christmas. Read her guest blog below and try out her festive recipe to fundraise for people living in poverty.

The Beti Utsav festivities celebrate the birth of girls in India

The last couple of weeks have seen some huge developments in the campaign to end female foeticide in India (the practice of aborting baby girls because of the huge desire to have sons).

Children at a kindergarten in Vietnam

March has arrived and the New Year probably seems like a distant memory, so it’s time to remind ourselves of the resolutions that may have already fallen by the wayside.