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Ebola Appeal

15-year-old Alpha in Sierra Leone proudly holds his certificate proving that he is Ebola-free

As the Ebola outbreak is officially declared over​, Mike – who led our team heading up ActionAid's emergency repsonse in Sierra Leone and Liberia –​ reflects on the devastating effects that the disease has had across West Africa and calls on the international community to invest in recovery and to help rebuild shattered lives.

Hawa has been working tirelessly within her community to encourage handwashing and stop the spread of Ebola

Washing your hands might seem like a very simple and unremarkable thing to do. But this small act can help save lives. On Global Handwashing Day, we look at how spreading awareness of the importance of handwashing, and providing soap and buckets needed to do it, has helped to bring the Ebola crisis under control in Sierra Leone. 

Bandor, 13, is an ActionAid sponsored child. She lost her granny, who raised her after her parents died, to Ebola.

What’s happened to the orphans of Ebola?

Posted in Blogs 3 years 9 months ago

Three years ago I travelled to Sierra Leone. Of all the incredible people I met it was the women and girls whose indefatigable attitude to life bowled me over. But since the Ebola outbreak in 2014, heartbreakingly over 12,000 children have been left orphaned in Sierra Leone. What is life like for Ebola orphans and the women supporting them now? 

Community mobilisers working on the front line of the Ebola response in Bumpe, behind a hand washing station. Amie, Kaimuta and Lilian are the adults on the far left.

On the frontline of Ebola one year on

Posted in Blogs 3 years 12 months ago

Almost exactly a year ago, we started our Ebola emergency programme in Sierra Leone. We were one of the first agencies to respond, and our work with community mobilisers and the innovative ways we used to get the message out undoubtedly helped save lives. I recently visited the town of Bumpe in Kono district, meeting some of the dedicated and inspiring volunteers who continue to work on the front line of our Ebola response.

Panelists: Dr Edelstein, Dermot Murnaghan, Jane Merrick and Professor Lisk

Experts debate how to tackle Ebola

Posted in Blogs 4 years 7 months ago

Last night, Sky news presenter, Dermot Murnaghan hosted our special panel event to discuss the Ebola crisis in Liberia and Sierra Leone and what it means for these countries that have borne the brunt of the outbreak.Find out the key takeaways from the discussion below and help us do more by donating to our appeal.

 Sarah Alexander with midwife Mary Angela and Iye Mammy, 25, holding her newborn baby, Bo, Sierra Leone

Last year, actress and ActionAid Ambassador Sarah Alexander visited health centres and maternity wards in Bo, now one of the worst Ebola hit areas in Sierra Leone. Here, in a guest blog for ActionAid, Sarah talks about the huge risks for women giving birth in the heart of the Ebola epidemic.