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Ebola Appeal

"Ebola is pulling my country apart." A letter from Liberia

As the world's worst ever outbreak of Ebola virus spreads like wildfire through West Africa, Korto Williams explains how the virus is devastating Liberia's people, overwhelming its health systems and crippling the economy in this interview for the BBC World Service NewsHour. Listen to her interview here or read the transcript below.

ActionAid staff loading up rice and bleach for Ebola-hit rural communities in Liberia.

It is vital that the international aid response - from governments, major international institutions and aid agencies - recognises the urgency and gravity of the Ebola epidemic. Getting this right is a matter of life and death for hundreds of thousands of people across Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea.

Mary Jabaty helps ActionAid raises awareness of Ebola in Bo, Sierra Leone

Over the past few weeks, I’ve found myself speaking to ActionAid colleagues in Sierra Leone and Liberia almost on a daily basis, as I work with ActionAid’s humanitarian emergencies team to help control the Ebola virus outbreak across West Africa while also ensuring they too are protected.

ActionAid's public health campaigns in Sierra Leone and Liberia are helping people understand how to protect themselves from Ebola.

William Pooley – Ebola Hero or Fool?

Posted in Blog 5 years 4 months ago

This week social media and news sites have been ablaze with debate about William Pooley – the British nurse brought back to London for treatment after contracting Ebola in Sierra Leone.

Ebola Awareness Clowns: Deadly Serious

Ebola Awareness Clowns: Deadly Serious

Posted in Blog 5 years 5 months ago

As the Ebola death toll rises to almost 5,000 people and the virus continues to spread across West Africa, clowns are helping us reach thousands of people in Sierra Leone. Scroll through our photo story below to find out how.

Musa, 3, lives in an area of Sierra Leone affected by Ebola

In 2013 I travelled to Sierra Leone with the actress Sarah Alexander to visit children and their families helped by ActionAid. The poverty we encountered was shocking and heart-breaking. However the warmth and hospitality we experienced were memorable and we made many good friends. But now, on top of their daily struggle for basics, the people we met are also at risk of catching deadly Ebola.