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A girl at school in Nigeria

Nigerian schoolgirls' abduction: the facts

Posted in Blogs 4 years 8 months ago

The shocking story of the kidnapped schoolgirls in Nigeria is back in the headlines today with the US and Britain offering military support to help find them. But with conflicting reports on the number of girls who were abducted and escaped, the facts of what exactly happened are still unclear. Here’s what we know so far from media reports and our colleagues in ActionAid Nigeria.

Girls in class at a school in Nigeria

Colleagues from ActionAid Nigeria will join a march today through the capital Abuja to protest at the abduction of nearly 200 girls from their school two weeks ago.

Molupo Makhetha, aged 7, with her grandmother Malisemolo Mosola

It's World Food Day! And to mark the occasion we're introducing you to Makhetha, who lives with her grandmother and four of her cousins in Lesotho.

ActionAid’s Happy Homes project provides safe overnight accommodation for girls who would normally be living on the streets of Dhaka, Bangladesh

I first heard about the ActionAid Happy Homes project while stuck in a Dhaka city traffic jam. We were moving, very slowly, towards another project ActionAid is supporting in Bangladesh’s capital when my colleague Tazeen brought the topic up.