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Emergency Response

A young boy carries bags of emergency supplies home to his family following an ActionAid distribution in Jeremie, Haiti, after Hurricane Matthew

Since Hurricane Matthew hit Haiti on 4 October, ActionAid's local staff have distributed emergency supplies to over 16,000 people. While distributing these supplies, our teams have met many children who, thankfully, survived the full force of the hurricane, but whose futures still remain uncertain. Hungry and living in temporary shelters, with little hope of returning to school quickly, these children need support in the weeks following the immediate aftermath of the disaster. We cannot forget the children still at risk in Haiti. 

Hundreds of lifejackets on the bank of the River Thames to highlight the plight of refugees who have fled war-torn countries in search of safety in Europe ahead of the Refugees Welcome March

This morning hundreds of life jackets washed up on the banks of the river Thames in London. We created this visual installation to highlight the plight of the thousands of refugees who have risked their lives trying to reach safety, and demand that our government does more to help ahead of the Refugees Welcome Here march this Saturday. Will you join us? 

Children at Mora Primary School spend an afternoon learning about refugees.

What do UK children think about child refugees?

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Last week, I, my fellow staff and over 500 pupils at Mora Primary School in Cricklewood celebrated our 'International Day'. As usual, the children burst through the front gates as they brought in home-cooked food and couldn't wait to show off their traditional dress from around the world. But for all the fun and excitement, this year I chose to teach them about a rather more serious subject - the refugee crisis.

15-year-old Alpha in Sierra Leone proudly holds his certificate proving that he is Ebola-free

As the Ebola outbreak is officially declared over​, Mike – who led our team heading up ActionAid's emergency repsonse in Sierra Leone and Liberia –​ reflects on the devastating effects that the disease has had across West Africa and calls on the international community to invest in recovery and to help rebuild shattered lives.

How you made 2015 an amazing year

How you made 2015 an amazing year

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This has been a wonderful, terrifying, inspirational year. Thanks to our amazing supporters, we helped more than five million people in 2015. Take a minute to watch this short review of the year, to see how you’ve helped the world’s poorest women and girls. Warning: contains cute children!

ActionAid local partner, KPGA, distributing emergency kits after Hurricane Matthew. Each 20 litre bucket included anti-bacterial soap, tooth brushes and paste, sanitary pads, 60 water cleaning tablets, washing liquid and toilet paper

On 4th October 2016, Hurricane Matthew hit my country - Haiti. It destroyed homes, schools, crops, and roads, and brought island life to a halt. Our team has been responding to the crisis ever since, and thanks to public generosity, we have helped communities recover and build back stronger, through working with local partners, ensuring women lead the response, and focussing on sustainable solutions.