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ActionAid facilitator Hawa conducts an Ebola awareness session in Bo district, Sierra Leone

Ebola crisis update from Sierra Leone

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Sierra Leone is in the grip of the worst Ebola outbreak in history. The whole country has been in a state of public emergency since the end of July. Our Exective Director in Sierra Leone reports back on how we're helping stop the spread.

ActionAid staff loading up rice and bleach for Ebola-hit rural communities in Liberia.

It is vital that the international aid response - from governments, major international institutions and aid agencies - recognises the urgency and gravity of the Ebola epidemic. Getting this right is a matter of life and death for hundreds of thousands of people across Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea.

Sushama is a member of her village's emergency response committee in India

Cyclone Phailin laid waste to India's Odisha coast in October 2013. Naba Kishor Pujari from ActionAid India reports on how local women have been at the centre of the emergency response.

Sushama is a member of her village's emergency response committee in India

Cyclone Phailin devastated the Odisha coast in October 2013. ActionAid India Area Manager Debabrat Patra reports on how local fishing communities have started to rebuild their lives a year on after the tragedy.

Young girl standing in the rubble of her home in Gaza  in August 2014

With the barbaric death of British aid worker David Haynes at the hands of Islamic State and continuing concerns over the fate of volunteer aid convoy driver Alan Henning, the risks run by humanitarian workers in conflict situations have been thrown into sharp relief.

Mary Jabaty helps ActionAid raises awareness of Ebola in Bo, Sierra Leone

Over the past few weeks, I’ve found myself speaking to ActionAid colleagues in Sierra Leone and Liberia almost on a daily basis, as I work with ActionAid’s humanitarian emergencies team to help control the Ebola virus outbreak across West Africa while also ensuring they too are protected.