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Children who survived the mudslide wait at a shelter in Freetown.

It is now just over a week since a devastating mudslide swept through some of the poorest communities in Freetown, the capital of Sierra Leone. Over 500 people have been confirmed to have died, while over 3,000 people remain missing. Those who have survived have lost everything, and are in a deep state of trauma. Our local staff in Freetown were able to respond within hours of the mudslide, helping in the immediate relief efforts. By last Friday, they had reached 260 families with emergency supplies of food, water and shelter. These images from the team show the impact of the mudslide, and what they are doing to help the most vulnerable.  

Rodette Morris, 58, stands outside her destroyed house in Jeremie.

Live: ActionAid's emergency response in Haiti

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Haiti is facing a humanitarian crisis following Hurricane Matthew, a category four hurricane that struck on 4 October 2016, devastating homes, schools, crops, water supplies and roads. ActionAid has worked in Haiti since 1996 so we are well-placed to provide a swift emergency response. Our team on the ground is working with local networks in the Grand’Anse area in the south west of the country, to identify the most urgent problems, and provide emergency support. We're bringing you the latest updates and stories from our emergency team. The most recent content is at the top.

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Flash floods in Myanmar have washed away homes and vital infrastructure.

Flash floods devastate villages in Myanmar

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Devastating flash floods in south Asia have made tens of thousands of people homeless, as heavy monsoon rains sweep away buildings, roads and bridges across the region. ActionAid Myanmar is rapidly mobilising teams to help those impacted by the crisis. So far, these teams have already provided emergency support to 1,500 of the most vulnerable people, by supplying them with food, water, purifying tablets, medicine and clothes.

Hajer Ahmed Saleh stands outside what remains of her bombed house in Gaza

It is six months since the conflict in Gaza but as winter hits hard, thousands of people are still in desperate need of basic items to survive the cold weather.

Families displaced from their homes in Gaza are sheltering in schools and other buildings

Yesterday I was in Gaza with ActionAid’s staff and volunteers on the ground who were giving out vouchers to help families whose homes have been either totally or partially destroyed in the conflict.

VIDEO: 'Voices from Syria' - Secondary teaching resource

In this new video resource, pupils can hear - first-hand - what it's like to live in a refugee camp, from Syrian refugee Reem. ActionAid staff Gazal and Hannah join the discussion to talk about how ActionAid supports refugees through first-aid and vocational training.