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Gender equality

Celebrities Emily Watson, Tanya Burr and Emilia Fox are among those supporting ActionAid's commitment to fighting for the rights of women like Nadite in Kenya, Kanchhi Maya in Nepal and Mwaka Ali Haji in Zanzibar

On the eve of International Women’s Day, celebrities Emilia Fox, Emily Watson, Lucy Rose, Charlie Webster, Tanya Burr, Frances Barber, Sophie Cookson, and Gabriella Wilde are starring in our new film to support ActionAid's ongoing commitment and support for women’s rights. 

Women in rural communities leading the reconstruction plan in Sindapalchok, Nepal after the 2015 earthquakes

Will the US make history and vote for its first woman president? At ActionAid women's leadership is at the core of our approach and our organisation. As a young girl growing up in the US, ActionAid project manager Kiran Gupta admired Hillary Clinton, and continues to be inspired by women leaders the world over. 

Meeting a new generation of leaders on Day of the Girl

Dorcas Erskine, our Director of Policy, Advocacy and Programmes, met girls for a mentorship session on the London Eye as part of Women Of The World's celebration of the Day of the Girl. She describes meeting inspiring young girls, why she thinks mentorship is important, and what she wanted to be when she grew up. 

Mothers celebrating their new born daughters at an ActionAid Beti Utsav celebration in New Delhi.

Singer Lucy Rose's new music video 'Nebraska' stars Danny Dyer as a conflicted man coming to terms with how to present himself to the world as who he really is. Around the world pressure from society holds people back - from what we wear to how we are valued by others.During a recent trip to India with ActionAid, 26-year-old Lucy discovered the catastrophic consequences of girls not being valued as highly as boys. Read her moving account of visiting a celebration of new born girls to find out why this festival is so important for the identity of girls in India.

After receiving ActionAid training, Sabrina now runs her own ActionAid women’s group in West Bengal, India, where women learn about vital topics such as domestic law, violence law, sex and leadership.

Why 2016 is a big year for women

Posted in Blogs 3 years 10 months ago

2016 marks the start of another important year for women. From politics and arts, to fighting for equal pay and an end to violence, we explore what the world looks like for women in 2016. How are we breaking the glass ceiling and what are the barriers still holding us back?

Mother's Day - meet amazing mums fighting for a better world

This Mother's Day, let's celebrate all the inspirational and courageous mums, who are fighting for a better and more equal world for their children. Meet some of these incredible mums and their daughters.