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Gifts in action

Brides and grooms can choose to send a message of love, and change lives for good with an ActionAid wedding gift list

As wedding season approaches it can sometimes be difficult to remember what’s important. Seating plans and colour schemes can all too easily take over, leaving DIY wedding planners baffled by a to-do list full of things they never knew they would care about so much. I know because I’m planning a wedding myself, and have just emerged from the depths of centrepiece research (conclusion: it doesn’t matter). Amidst all the decisions - real or silk flowers? whether to brave the first dance? - we shouldn't forget what weddings are really about. Find out how brides and grooms can choose to send a message of love, and change lives for good, on their wedding day. 

17-year-old Nan San Nwe Win holding a goat near her village in Myanmar

Father’s Day: the alternative gift guide

Posted in Blogs 2 years 11 months ago

I’ve always struggled with what present to get my dad for Father’s Day (Sunday 19th June, for those of you that need reminding). It arrives just a couple of months after his birthday so by the time Father’s Day comes around I’m usually out of interesting gift ideas.

Aung, 7, carries a goat in his village in Myanmar.

Why is everyone bleating on about goats?

Posted in Blogs 3 years 5 months ago

Goats. Well known for producing milk and cheese - not so well known for producing Christmas albums. But that's exactly what our friends at ActionAid Sweden have done, to raise awareness of how buying a goat as a Christmas gift can have a life-changing impact on women and girls in poverty. 

Your gift could support our livestock programme, helping women and their families achieve food security. Photo: Sabin Shrestha/ActionAid

With the run-up to Christmas upon us, here are five reasons to choose something different this year, with our collection of ActionAid charity gifts.