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L-R: Naomi, Thomas and Doris are members of COMBAT squads - Community Based Anti-Violence Teams - working to end violence against women and girls, especially rape and child marriage, in their communities in northern Ghana.

Janet lives in Ghana with her mother, father and five brothers and sisters. When she was just 11, she was brutally raped by a neighbour. Thanks to the swift action taken by her dad, she is now recovering from the trauma. This Father's Day, we want to share the story of Janet and her dad. 

ActionAid speaks to relatives of the abducted Nigerian schoolgirls as they spend 100th day in captivity

Today marks 100 days since 276 girls were seized from their boarding school in Chibok in Borno state in the north-east of Nigeria.

A girl at school in Nigeria

Nigerian schoolgirls' abduction: the facts

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The shocking story of the kidnapped schoolgirls in Nigeria is back in the headlines today with the US and Britain offering military support to help find them. But with conflicting reports on the number of girls who were abducted and escaped, the facts of what exactly happened are still unclear. Here’s what we know so far from media reports and our colleagues in ActionAid Nigeria.

10-year-old Kembi on her way to work on Mwakirunge Dumpsite in Mombasa, Kenya

Beyoncé puts it so boldly – “Who run the world? Girls.” It’s a great vision. But we also have to consider some facts. The majority of the world’s poorest people are women. One in three women globally will experience violence in their lifetime simply because they are women. This has to change.