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Three teenage boys who attended ActionAid training and are now campaigning to end FGM in Somaliland.

There are 836 million people living in extreme poverty, most of them in developing countries. The figures are staggering. But the power to change that lies in the hands of young people, and the young people who work with ActionAid provide a really inspiring example. International Youth Day falls every year on 12th August, and this year’s theme is “eradicating poverty and achieving sustainable consumption and production”. That’s why we’re taking this opportunity to celebrate just some of the amazing young people who work with ActionAid.

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Campaigners in Zambia fight to make tax fair.

As the OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) release their big plan to tackle international tax dodging, we take a look at what this means for women and children living in developing countries and ask the most important question: will it actually work? 

Liberians at the busy ELWA junction are taught how to properly prepare Clorox water to clean their hands to help stop the spread of Ebola

When the G20 leaders gather in Brisbane this weekend for their annual meeting they have a choice. They can either take action by tackling corporate tax dodging to ensure that governments in Africa and elsewhere can raise the money to properly fund public services including health care, or they can all but guarantee that the current Ebola crisis will not be the last of its kind.

Tilvas marches to the HQ of Vedanta’s Zambian subsidiary KCM as part of a demonstration by ActionAid Zambia and civil society partners.

My name is Tilvas Ngosa. I am ActionAid Activista campaigner based in Lusaka, Zambia. I am proud of being Zambian, especially that it is one of the most peaceful nations on the globe. However I am not proud that despite being the second largest copper producer in the world, two out of three people still live below the poverty line. On the 24th October my country celebrates 50 years of independence, yet there is still a shortage of medicine and poor health service delivery - two hospitals in the capital Lusaka cater for over 13 million people. Truly, poverty is the worst form of human rights violation.