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Local organisers and community campaigners at a London training event

5 reasons to apply to be a Local Organiser

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Global poverty and injustice can feel pretty overwhelming. If you'd like to make the world a better place but you don't know where to start - we've got just the opportunity for you.We're recruiting volunteer Local Organisers to campaign in communities across the UK. June 8th is the application deadline. Here are five reasons why you should think about applying...

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Activists in Zambia speaking out against tax dodging

Those were Eddy Musosa’s exact words as he lobbied a UK prospective MP at Westminster on a cold February morning. "So", you ask yourself, "Why would an Activista Zambian youth brave the UK cold to support the Tax Dodging Bill campaign with ActionAid UK?" Read this blog by Eddy to find out.

Liberians at the busy ELWA junction are taught how to properly prepare Clorox water to clean their hands to help stop the spread of Ebola

When the G20 leaders gather in Brisbane this weekend for their annual meeting they have a choice. They can either take action by tackling corporate tax dodging to ensure that governments in Africa and elsewhere can raise the money to properly fund public services including health care, or they can all but guarantee that the current Ebola crisis will not be the last of its kind.

ActionAid Zambia demonstration against KCM

Today, over 200 activists from ActionAid Zambia are staging a march to the offices of copper mining company KCM, owned by the UK-listed mining giant Vedanta, in protest over allegations of tax dodging by the company.

Will Davis outside the Barclays AGM

Earlier in the week you heard about community campaigner Will, who went inside the Barclays AGM to challenge the CEO and the Board about their Offshore Corporate services. I caught up with Will after the dust had settled to find out a bit more about why he got involved with the campaign to clean up Barclays.

The Barclays billboard that we're driving around the AGM

Tweet #BarclaysAGM

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Today we're at the Barclays AGM delivering messages from campaigners all over the world who want Barclays to stop promoting the use of tax havens by companies investing in Africa.