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Local women leading the sorting and distribution of donated clothes. 1500 people were displaced and found shelter in Langaoge coconut farm when a powerful 7.5 earthquake magnitude struck off the coast of Donggala (epicentre) Central Sulawesi, Indonesia

How ActionAid tackles trafficking

Posted in Blogs 9 months 5 days ago

With last week marking Human Trafficking awareness day, and the launch of a UN report on trafficking, we reflect on the ways ActionAid is tackling this global epidemic.

At ActionAid's centre in Varanasi, India, more than 100 children who have experienced trafficking are finding safety and hope, along with counselling and education, and the chance to play with their friends

Human traffickers look like you or me

Posted in Blogs 2 years 10 months ago

It starts with a smile and a promise. An offer of help to a struggling mum or show of affection to a neglected child. A golden opportunity to a hardworking girl who wants to free her family from poverty. But behind the human trafficker's apparent kindness is an industry that causes untold misery around the world.

A young Nepali girl stands amidst the ruins caused by the earthquake in Kathmandu. Girls made homeless by the earthquake are vulnerable to being trafficked into brothels

Concerns are being raised about trafficking gangs luring children and young girls made homeless by the earthquake in Nepal with the promise of jobs in India and beyond. All too often these young people can end up in appalling conditions, tied into a life of hard labour or exploitative sex work.