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The Sanitary Superheroes, illustrated by Daisy Bernard.

Which #SanitarySuperhero are you?

Posted in Blogs 2 years 3 weeks ago

Girls can change the world - which is why they shouldn’t be held back by not having access to sanitary towels. We know that girl + sanitary towel = superhero. With a sanitary towel, girls can stay in school, become strong, empowered and educated, and able to reach their full potential. So to celebrate World Menstrual Hygiene Day, take our quiz to find out which sanitary superhero you are! Then share with your friends and get them to find out theirs....

We distribute sanitary kits like this to women in emergencies. This kit is for a refugee woman on Lesvos.

Why everyone's talking about periods

Posted in Blogs 3 years 3 months ago

‘The blob’, ‘Aunty Flow’, "Shark Week" - there are nearly 5000 euphemisms for periods. We want to end the secrecy around menstruation so girls and women can go to school and work without stigma or shame. 

Just a few of photo stories of women and children that we've shared on Instagram in 2015.

From the Nepal earthquakes to the escalating refugee crisis - throughout the year we have been sharing images on Instagram of the women and children we support around the world. Here are your favourite #PhotosOfTheWeek from 2015. We hope you enjoy them and - if you don't already - why not join us on Instagram for more powerful pictures in 2016?

2014's cast members and director of the play 'Nirbhaya' by ActionAid's installation

This week, NIRBHAYA the Play makes its return to the London stage after a tour which has taken it to India and New York. Its appearance a year ago left a marked impression on me and indeed many of the audience.

Actress and singer Kerry Ellis with her baby son Alfie

Award-winning actress and singer Kerry Ellis is best known as the star of West End and Broadway musicals Les Miserables and Wicked, but she’s also mother to a baby boy. She took a break from rehearsing for her latest show to tell us about the challenges of balancing work and home.

Isy Suttie, award-winning comedy writer and stand-up comedian, shares her motherhood wisdom

We’ve loved Isy ever since she captured our hearts as Dobby in the dark sitcom Peep Show. Since then she’s made us laugh and won awards as a stand-up comedian and for her radio show Pearl and Dave. Now she’s trying her hand at being a mum, to her baby girl Beti. We asked Isy some searching questions about motherhood. She answered them. Sort of.