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March to stop childhoods being washed away

On 29 November thousands of people marched across central London to demand bold action against climate change.  Team ActionAid was there, supported by more than 300 people who marched in solidarity with the women and children hit hardest by climate change.

Why we marched

Floods, cyclones and storms in Bangladesh are getting bigger and coming faster, and children’s futures are at risk. Already, 50 children drown in Bangladesh each day. With climate change causing waters to rise, their vulnerability to drowning is at an all-time high. 
In November, we ran rain-triggered adverts in Piccadilly Circus, to raise awareness and ask people to join us on the march. Watch the video to find out more.

At the march, we demanded that world leaders meeting in Paris for crucial talks on tackling climate change must put the most vulnerable first in any global deal. Help us protect childhoods from being washed away in floods. 


Find out what happened on the day

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Photos (above): Mahmud /MAP/ActionAid, Monia Antonioli/ActionAid

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