Calling Time: the research

The research behind our campaign targeting SABMiller for tax dodging is substantial.

To find out more about the background information and research on our campaign, as well as SABMiller's response to our allegations, read the resources listed below.

Calling Time: Why SABMiller should stop dodging taxes in Africa

ActionAid’s new report reveals for the first time the inner workings of multinational tax dodging in developing countries.   

>> Read Calling Time (PDF)

SABMiller’s response to ActionAid’s allegations

Before publishing our report, ActionAid sent a five page summary of its allegations to SABMiller, inviting comments. 

>> Read SABMiller's full response to us (PDF)

Accounting for Poverty: How international rules keep people poor

Published in 2009, this report sets out ActionAid’s international tax justice agenda for developing countries.

>> Read Accounting for Poverty (PDF)