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The EU and international development

A vote to leave the EU on 6 June would have a substantial impact on ActionAid’s ability to deliver its objects of eradicating poverty around the world. Leaving the EU would reduce the impact of the UK’s aid budget and remove the UK from one of the pre-eminent global decision making forums on human rights, trade, tax and the environment – decisions that have a huge impact on the daily lives of those living in poverty.

  • Published 9th June 2016
  • Author(s) ActionAId
  • Category Policy

Executive summary

ActionAid does not seek to tell people how they should vote, but to inform voters of the potential impact of an exit on people living in poverty.

We recognise that this is a complex issue, and a range of domestic and international factors will have an impact of people’s choice. However given the impact of an ‘out’ decision on ActionAid and more particularly our beneficiaries we feel that it is important to raise international development as one of those factors. 

This document sets out how EU membership enhances the UK’s impact on international development.