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Approved supplier list of recruitment agencies

At ActionAid, we use an approved supplier list (ASL) of recruitment agencies to assist us with any vacancies we are unable to fill directly. We are in the process of renewing this list, which will be effective from 1st May 2016.

Selection criteria

We are seeking to work with recruitment agencies who:

  • have specific industry expertise related to the recruitment areas they offer to ActionAid
  • have a robust process for vetting candidates
  • provide a supportive end to end service for candidates in the job application process
  • have an effective approach to seeking out appropriate candidates and ensuring a good fit for vacancies and ActionAid
  • will provide high standards of customer care to ActionAid, and will work with ActionAid to continuously improve the service through periodic reviews
  • agree to our standard Terms of Engagement (PDF).

In addition, agencies should meet our minimum standards of financial stability and viability, insurance, probity, legal and ethical compliance.

Application process

If you are interested in joining our ASL for recruitment agencies, please complete our application form and submit this to our Resourcing Advisor, Victoria Delaporte, at

We aim to contact you within four weeks of receipt of your application, to let you know whether you have been successful.

If you are successful in your application, we will issue a Terms of Engagement for signing and return.

In the event that your application is unsuccessful, we will provide feedback on request.

Closing date: 
31 March 2019
Central London