Request for Proposal and Quotation: Bid Development Manager - DFID Commercial Tender | ActionAid UK

Request for Proposal and Quotation: Bid Development Manager - DFID Commercial Tender

Introduction to ActionAid UK

ActionAid is a leading international charity working in over 45 countries. We work with the poorest women and girls in the world, changing their lives for good.

ActionAid UK (AAUK) raises money to support ActionAid’s programme work to transform communities; we influence policy to change the systems and structures that keep people poor; we carry out research and put pressure on governments and key decision makers to effect global change.

Background to Services

ActionAid UK is seeking a highly skilled, professional bid development manager to lead the development of a DFID grant proposal for a single-country sub-Saharan Africa programme.

ActionAid UK is part of the ActionAid Federation, and as such plays a key role in global fundraising. The International Development Policy and Practice (IDPP) team plays a key role in managing ActionAid UK’s institutional funding. The IDPP team is made up of three sub-teams, who are responsible for:

  1. designing programmes and securing institutional funding through grants and contracts (the Business Development (BD) team);
  2. ensuring cross programme and country coherence, risk management and compliance of all grants and contracts (the Programme Quality and Assurance (PQA) team);
  3. providing high quality research, technical advice and policy development rooted in our programme and policy work (the Research and Programme Policy (RPP) team). 

The Business Development (BD) team plays a key role delivering on the organisational strategy to mobilise resources and deliver a 40% increase in the funding ActionAid UK provides to tackle poverty and injustice worldwide. In order to deliver this, the BD team needs to scale up the quantity, quality and value of grant and contract proposals that are submitted on behalf of ActionAid UK.

Evaluation Process and Award Criteria


All bidders must first pass minimum standards of financial viability, probity, and legal compliance. This will be assessed based on independent credit checks, sanctions screening, and information provided in the New Supplier Pre-Qualification Questionnaire (PQQ) which must be returned together with proposals. We may request evidence of any information set out in the PQQ document and reserve the right to reject any proposals where evidence cannot be provided.  

The following requirements are expected of any consultant-bidder:

Consultant Specification:

We are seeking the following skills and experience at a minimum:

  • Comprehensive experience leading the development of DFID commercial tenders as a consortium member or lead supplier;
  • Experience designing appropriate risk management structures to support payment by results;
  • Experience successfully negotiating programmatic deliverables and budgets with a lead supplier;
  • Experience managing proposal-based recruitment and securing high quality candidates;
  • Knowledge of best practice and programming in addressing violence against women and girls, women’s economic empowerment, transparency and accountability or gender-responsive public services;
  • Experience of working in or with countries in sub-Saharan Africa; and
  • Experience leading the development of proposals with a value of £5 million or above.  

Evaluation Methodology:

The evaluation of each proposal will be based upon the following criteria:

  • Previous experience of running similar projects: 60% weighting
  • Cost: 30% weighting
  • Cultural fit with ActionAid: 20% weighting

Shortlisting and Interviews:

Bidders who are able to meet ALL our Requirements will be invited to interview with a panel of ActionAid stakeholders. The purpose of the interview will be to answer any questions in relation to the proposed services, and address any concerns which the panel may have arising from the proposals. 

In the event that more than three bidders are able to meet all our Requirements, we reserve the right to invite no more than the three highest scoring suppliers to interview. We may invite less than three suppliers if the difference in scores is considerable; this is to avoid wasting the time of suppliers who are highly unlikely to be successful irrespective of the outcome of an interview.

After interviews, the initial proposal scores will be re-visited and adjusted in light of relevant information received at interview. 


The contract will be for a period of six weeks. Any contract awarded will be on a non-exclusive basis. A copy of AAUK’s standard supplier contract terms is attached.

Submitting your proposal

Bidders should complete and return a copy of the New Supplier Pre-Qualification Questionnaire to Katherine Griffis, the point of contact, at by the Deadline for Proposal Submissions — 11/07/2018. (See Timetable in Instructions to Bidders document below for more details).

Proposals should be clearly marked as: ”Request for Proposal and Quotation: Bid Development Manager — DFID Commercial Tender”.

Any questions concerning aspects of the RFP’s requirements should be directed to Head of Business Development, IDPP ActionAid UK,

Download the full tender documents


Closing date: 
11 July 2018
Contract length tbc