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Request for Proposal and Quotation: Drupal 8 Upgrade - ActionAid UK

Background to Services

ActionAid UK is part of the ActionAid Federation, and as such plays a key role in global fundraising. ActionAid UK is dependent on systems and technology to deliver the key strategic objectives and the out-sourcing partner will play a key role in supporting our ambitions laid out in our strategy.  

Our website ( is where we set out our vision and mission, showcase our work around the world, and demonstrate to visitors how their support makes a difference to the lives of women and girls living in poverty. It’s a hub for information, for policy, for campaigns and events; a space where women and girls in some of the poorest communities can tell their stories, through words, images and rich media.  

The site also provides a channel for financial support. We currently use Magento and Stripe to process donations, depending on the type of product.  

In addition we have a virtual gifts site, Gifts in Action, where supporters can buy ethical presents that are related to our work, to send to friends and family. This is on a separate domain ( and custom platform.

Our current main website is on Drupal 7 and was implemented in 2013. As Drupal 7 approaches end of life in November 2021, it becomes crucial to upgrade this platform to Drupal 8 for it to remain secure, healthy and supported – and be in a good shape for a new CRM integration planned for 2021. 

In addition to staying up-to-date, the desirable direction of development would be to consolidate the ecommerce function, which is currently split across three AAUK websites, onto one modern platform, while continuing the use the Stripe payment gateway and maintaining the Magento payment platform as an interim measure before the new CRM is implemented.

This would subsequently eliminate the cost and the effort of updating these websites separately and integrating them with the CRM – and it would also provide a consistent and unified checkout experience for our users.

This project is an opportunity to work with ActionAid UK to enhance the quality of our website, and in doing so helping to improve the lives of women and girls.  


  • Secure, stable and healthy site.
  • Ready for CRM integration in 2021.
  • Stripe integration upgrade to latest version (ensuring PSD2 compliance), including a limited restructure of the current Stripe checkout.
  • Checkout in Drupal to take over ecommerce functionality currently on other sites: initially from the Gifts in Action website only (, but preparing to eventually take over ecommerce functionality from the Magento website (
  • A fast and lean site which performs well, without unnecessary code .
  • Transaction reporting in the same format that exists currently.

Please refer to the complete RFP documents for additional information.

Evaluation Process and Award Criteria


All bidders must first pass minimum standards of financial viability, probity, and legal compliance.

This will be assessed based on independent credit checks, sanctions screening, and information provided in the New Supplier Pre-Qualification Questionnaire (PQQ) which must be returned together with proposals.

We may request evidence of any information set out in the PQQ document and reserve the right to reject any proposals where evidence cannot be provided.  

The following requirements are expected of any bidder:

  • Demonstrable experience of building good quality sites using Drupal.
  • Demonstrable experience of Drupal 8 migration.
  • Demonstrable experience of Stripe integration and ecommerce in Drupal, as well with other online payment platforms. 
  • Experience of building fast, light, well-built and highly performant websites. 
  • Responsive and agile team to work closely and well with the AAUK Digital team. 
  • Nice to have: experience of CRM integration with Drupal.

How to apply

Bidders should complete and return a copy of the New Supplier Pre-Qualification Questionnaire and completed proposal in response to the RFP by 13th November 2020.


Please download and read the instructions to bidders and all relevant documents.

Closing date: 
13 November 2020