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Request for Proposal: Anti-Racism Training Workshop - ActionAid UK

Overview of project

ActionAid UK is part of the ActionAid Federation, and as such plays a key role in global fundraising. ActionAid UK is dependent on systems and technology to deliver the key strategic objectives and the out-sourcing partner will play a key role in supporting our ambitions laid out in our strategy.

As a result of our work and the desire to be ‘Southern-led,’ understanding how racism impacts our culture and work in the UK is a critical element to our success. The sector itself is built on a colonial and paternalistic model, and therefore we acknowledge that systemic and institutional racism is happening in our organisation.

Our work into the future needs to ensure it addresses the institutional issues, particularly the way in which the UK relates to the Federation and different parts of the AA Federation, ensuring we are not further inadvertently embedding colonist and racist practices. 

As a result of the recent deaths in the USA and the continued targeting and mistreatment of black people in the UK, this has become even more important for us to really understand and take action.  This is a key moment in time, and we need to take a proactive response to ensure that everyone understands the issues and challenges and works together to dismantle racism within the organisation.

Project Scope and Purpose

This request for proposal (RFP) is established on behalf of ActionAid UK to design and deliver an anti-racism knowledge foundation workshop to ensure everyone at AAUK has a common level of knowledge around racism and how this applies and can be addressed in our workplace/the work we do.

Programme Objectives

Specifically, we would like everyone to have:

  • Greater understanding of history of race in Britain and how this has led to existing systems of oppression, systemic, structural and institutional racism.
  • The ability to explain and recognise white privilege, white supremacy, white fragility and white saviorism and confidently talk about these concepts and their role in racism.
  • A basic understanding and acknowledgement of intersectionality ie. that social and political identity markers do not exist independently of each other but combine to create unique modes of discrimination and privilege.
  • An increased appreciation of the impact these various components of racism can have in the workplace, particularly the linkages between racism and international development.

How to apply

Please refer to the RFP document and all attached documents, below, for further details which complete this Request for Proposal. Please complete all documents as requested.

Please note: The deadline for submissions to this Request for Proposal is 30th October 2020 (23:59).


Closing date: 
30 October 2020