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Request for Proposal: Evidence and Learning Review of its programmatic work in the area of Violence Against Women and Girls

ActionAid works for a world where the most vulnerable and forgotten can become valued and powerful. Our top priority is to end the inequality that keeps women and girls locked in poverty, and to restore the rights denied them from birth.

We want to see women and girls out of danger, out of poverty and on track to create the future they want. We work across Africa, Asia and Latin America, every day, all year round. We listen to, learn from and work in partnership with 15 million of the world’s poorest and excluded people.

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Project Scope

A budget has been set aside to carry out an evidence and learning review of AAUK funded projects/programmes for 2019 with a specific focus on violence against women and girls (VAWG).

The review will look across the international development long term projects as well as the humanitarian and partnership and philanthropy projects selecting a sample of projects across all three areas which will be pre-selected by AAUK staff.

The activities will therefore involve a mix of desk review, KIIs and FGDs at a distance and face to face with AAUK and AA federation members as well as a minimum of one field trip. The field trip will involve meeting with partners and AA federation members in country as a minimum. This will provide an opportunity to go into more depth in one country context.

The core activities will involve a desk review, FGDs and KIIs with AAUK staff, AA global secretariat staff and federation members and a minimum of one field trip. The timeframe for this piece of work is from July to September 2019 (more information on timeline in ‘Expected Timetable’ section and the detail will be finalised in the workplan).

The evidence and learning review has the potential to lead to two mini workshops (internal and external) to share learnings from the findings however this is beyond the output of this Request for Proposal (RFP) and will be delivered under a separate RFP upon completion of the evidence and learning review.

We invite interested candidates to submit the following application documents. Applications which are incomplete will not be considered.

  • Expression of interest addressing track record and selection criteria.

  • Technical proposal for the evidence and learning review including data collection methodology and workplan, sampling strategy and data collection tools (detailing how participatory and gender-sensitive approaches will be used).

  • CV of applicant(s).

  • Budget (separating core consultancy costs, daily rates of team members and in-country data collection costs).

  • Examples of and/or links to previous or similar pieces of work.

  • The names of previous client(s) to contact for references.

As part of the application, a financial proposal that offers good value for money and that maximises potential efficiencies to deliver the outputs within budget is required.

Please download the RFP documents below

Closing date: 
26 June 2019