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Request for Proposal: Innovation Agency Support

ActionAid UK is part of the ActionAid Federation, and as such plays a key role in global fundraising. ActionAid UK is dependent on systems and technology to deliver the key strategic objectives and the out-sourcing partner will play a key role in supporting our ambitions laid out in our strategy.  

The innovation work will aim to enable ActionAid UK to support our strategic aim of mobilising resources. It supports the strategic priorities of: 

  • Through testing and learning, digital investment and innovation, we will aim to improve the overall long-term cost efficiency of our voluntary fundraising programme. 

  • ActionAid UK’s net income will grow by 30%.

This request for proposal (RFP) is established on behalf of ActionAid UK to have an agency support ActionAid UK with our fundraising challenges and through different innovation management techniques, help us find solutions. 

Project scope 

The challenges that fundraising faces vary, and we are currently collating the challenges across the department. Below are examples of challenges that we could propose. Please note, these challenges may not actually be used and we would want your support in facilitating conversations around which challenges to choose: 

  • We need to increase unrestricted income.

  • We need a new community fundraising product.

  • We need to review how we bring high-value audiences closer to our work.

ActionAid UK requires an agency to support in deciding which challenges to tackle, how to tackle those challenges and delivering a minimum viable product (MVP) for ActionAid to use. 

The project should be delivered using innovation techniques, eg. design sprints. A result of this project should be that as well as having an MVP, staff feel upskilled in running innovation projects within the organisation. 

Programme objectives 

  • Deliver an innovation project that uses audience data to tackle one of AAUK’s fundraising challenges by developing existing products, testing new products or trialling new technologies. The result of this project should be an MVP that is put on the market, tested and optimised, with key learnings from the project shared. 

  • Support AAUK staff in feeling supported in delivering future innovation projects through learnt techniques, e.g. design sprints, ideation techniques.

The agency must support in: 

  • Helping to decide on what challenges our fundraising department should prioritise, with support in getting to those challenges. 

  • Delivering a project through an innovation management technique/methodology.

  • Delivering a minimum viable product, that can be tested and optimized, with results shared.

  • Upskilling staff in how to deliver innovation projects in-house so that while the projects are being delivered, particular stakeholders are being educated on how to bring this in-house.

  • The exact contract length can be decided by the vendor but AAUK would like the MVP to be delivered in summer 2019.

Please see more detailed information in the Request for Proposal and Instructions to Bidders documents, below.

Request for Proposal and Instructions to Bidders

Closing date: 
20 February 2019