7-year-old-girl Ross Srey-Meng studies at an ActionAid-supported school for orphans in Cambodia

ActionAid began operating in Cambodia in 1999 and launched a full country programme in 2004. In 2008 ActionAid spent 1.6 million Euros on food security, education, land rights, women and health, rural and urban poverty, HIV and AIDS, and advocacy training.

An important part of our work is helping poor people to discover their rights and entitlements after years of oppression and poverty. We work with local NGOs to help strengthen rural grassroots organisations.

ActionAid's work in Cambodia

Sponsor a child in CambodiaSponsor a child in CambodiaThousands of people in the UK sponsor children like Sopheak (12 years old, pictured right). Sopheak writes to her sponsor and the letters and photos she receives back are really important to her - she keeps them in a plastic bag with her birth certificate.

ActionAid is teaching her about Dengue fever and now she knows that the fever that killed her brothers and sisters is caused by the tiger mosquito. Now she knows how to prevent it - by sleeping under a net and clearing away bushes and coconut shells which collect water that mosquitos breed in.

Equality and development in Cambodia

Cambodia has suffered immense political, economic and social strife – including the genocide and displacement of millions by the Khmer Rouge between 1975-1979. Since 1993, there has been peace in the country, and it is still one of the world's poorest countries.

Since the 1980s many people have lost access to forests, wetlands and agricultural fields, which are being exploited by local and foreign corporations.

Rural women generally suffer very poor health and nutrition. ActionAid Cambodia trains local women health volunteers to identify and treat problems. We also assist women who are rescued after being trafficked into the sex trade with education and vocational training.

In Cambodia, Buddhist monks are widely respected for their work teaching Buddhist principles. Many now educate communities about HIV & AIDS and build support networks for infected and affected people.

Child sponsorship in Cambodia

When you sponsor a child in Cambodia, you'll be providing the resources for real, long-term change. You'll get two letters a year from the child you sponsor, and updates from the country programme to tell you how the money you are spending is changing the community your child lives in.

photo : ©Nicolas AxelRod/ActionAid