• Real life stories

    Introduce your pupils to four children living in areas affected by conflict and poverty with our photo-led stories.

    Photo: Kate Holt/ActionAid

  • Ebola: The myths and facts

    Give your pupils the facts about Ebola with our adaptable resources.

    Photo: Sando Moore/ActionAid

  • Water Resources

    Investigate why many people around the world struggle to access clean water with our Key Stage 1, 2 and 3 resources.

    Fabio Erdos/ActionAid

  • Explore Brazil resource bank

    New for the 2014 national curriculum explore Rio de Janeiro and the Amazon rainforest with our Brazil resources

    Photo: Jenny Matthews/ActionAid

  • Chembakolli Slideshows

    Introduce your pupils to life in and around Chembakolli and nearby Gudalur with our much loved slideshows.

    Photo: Tom Pietrasik/ActionAid

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