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The recent news that Kenya’s government will give free sanitary towels are to schoolgirls is a big step towards making sure they don't have to drop out of school when they have their period. It's unfair that millions of girls in the developing world are held back by their periods - so we welcome this move to ensure that all schoolgirls in Kenya have access to sanitary towels and tampons.


Why menstruation matters for refugee women

Imelda Phadtare – Head of Humanitarian Response Program, ActionAid Greece

Providing sanitary kits to women, which include sanitary towels, underwear, wet wipes, a soap bar, a toothbrush and toothpaste, has been a key part of ActionAid Greece's response to the refugee crisis since November 2015. We have distributed 41,000 sanitary kits so far: initially through women friendly spaces in camps on the island of Lesvos, and now in camps in Athens. Mel Phadtare, the Head of Humanitarian Response Program for ActionAid Greece, explains why these kits are so essential, based on her team on the ground's observations. 


Celebrating dads this Father's Day

Alexa Phillips – Communications team

Father's Day is this Sunday - so what better day to celebrate the amazing dads who are standing up for a better world for their daughters? From dads in the UK who want their daughters to feel zero shame around their periods, to dads in Kenya protecting their daughters from female genital mutilation (FGM), we're thanking the dads who are fighting for gender equality. 

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Let's unite for the Great Get Together: 16-18 June

Girish Menon – Chief Executive, ActionAidUK

In her first speech to Parliament, MP Jo Cox said: “We are far more united and have far more in common than that which divides us.” Inspired by those words, and in tribute to Jo – a year on from her death – we’re joining hundreds of organisations to host The Great Get Together this weekend.


Change lives with a special wedding gift list

Katie Cox – Community Fundraising Manager

As wedding season approaches it can sometimes be difficult to remember what’s important. Seating plans and colour schemes can all too easily take over, leaving DIY wedding planners baffled by a to-do list full of things they never knew they would care about so much. I know because I’m planning a wedding myself, and have just emerged from the depths of centrepiece research (conclusion: it doesn’t matter). Amidst all the decisions - real or silk flowers? whether to brave the first dance? - we shouldn't forget what weddings are really about. Find out how brides and grooms can choose to send a message of love, and change lives for good, on their wedding day. 


What does a hung Parliament mean for tackling global poverty?

Dorcas Erskine – Director of Policy, Advocacy and Programmes

Following a turbulent British election campaign, no party has an overall majority of MPs. This is known as a hung Parliament, and means that no party can pass new laws on its own. The Conservatives are the largest party and right now it seems that the most likely outcome is that they will form a minority Government, possibly with the help of smaller parties such as the DUP. But what will that mean for the rights of women and girls in developing countries? We take a look at what the new Government might look like and what we can expect from it.