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Fourteen-year-old Asma'a is growing up in Gaza.

What life is like for girls growing up in conflict

Gee Atkinson – Supporter Communications Team

Three wars have been fought in Gaza since 2008, leaving thousands dead and many more battling with the emotional trauma of witnessing violence and destruction.

Recently, I met fourteen-year-old Asma'a and her sister Assenat, who live in the Gaza strip. Along with their mother Rewa'a, and grandmother Sabah, they told me about life for girls growing up in conflict.

 ActionAid Activistas like Gertrude in Malawi are calling for an end to tax dodging across the world.

Paradise Papers: why tax is a feminist issue

Jon Date – Senior Advocacy Manager

The Paradise Papers, a leak of 13.4m files which reveal the vast extent to which the world's richest people and corporations hold money in UK-linked tax havens, have made headlines around the world this week. Tax avoidance affects us all, by draining money from essential public services. But women and girls - especially those in developing countries - are hit the hardest. Read on to find out why tax is a feminist issue. 

With frequent power cuts, Amnah finds it difficult to study at night and is at risk of falling behind at school.

No girl afraid this Christmas

Yasser Toshtash – Programs Coordinator - Gaza

Growing up as a girl in Gaza is terrifying. Many are traumatised and missing out on education because of the ongoing conflict and a worsening electricity crisis. The dark streets are too dangerous to get to school in early mornings and there’s not enough light to do homework by in the evenings. As we launch our Christmas appeal to make sure no girl grows up afraid, read our interview with some brave girls in Gaza to see how you can bring hope for the future to girls at risk in the world's toughest places.

Taslima was orphaned as her family fled violence in Myanmar

Imagine leaving everything behind; losing your husband or your parents; being the sole provider for your children or younger siblings. Thousands of Rohingya women and girls are now in this desperate position - often forced to sleep on the roadside - and recruiters of the sex industry are setting their sights on them.

The #MeToo campaign is currently joining women's voices from around the world, exposing men who commit rape and sexual assault. We must not forget the women and girls who don't have a voice; like those fleeing conflict in Myanmar. 

Children dressing up as their future selves for Big Me 2016

Pupils share their dreams at Big Me 2017

Jo Rowley – Events Officer

This week, children from across the UK are dreaming big and dressing up for Big Me 2017. Pupils are exploring their future hopes and aspirations, and at the same time, raising money to help children living in poverty around the world to fulfil their dreams.

Anne Bucheche, 44, was sexually assaulted by a militia group in Kenya. She now campaigns to end sexual violence.

As a growing number of actors come forward to allege that they were raped or sexually assaulted by Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein, women across the world are using social media to stand with survivors of sexual violence and show that they are not alone. Using the hashtag #MeToo, hundreds of thousands of women are sharing that they too have faced sexual assault and harassment and are bravely breaking the silence that surrounds it.