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ActionAid believes periods are a right and not a privilege. We celebrate periods by setting up girls' forums such as this one in Liberia where girls can freely discuss their sexual and reproductive rights.

How do people around the world celebrate periods?

Arsheen Qasim – Digital Communications

In some countries around the world, families and whole communities celebrate a girl reaching puberty as a coming-of-age occasion.  Find out how periods are acknowledged and celebrated from the UK to Japan. 

There's something for everyone in our Gifts in Action collection - especially that tricky person who 'has it all'

Finding it hard to choose a Christmas gift for someone you love this year? Browse our collection of top gifts for that tricky person who seems to have everything they need!

I refuse to be intimidated because #MyBodyIsMine

My body belongs to me

Christie Ochu – Activist, Activista Nigeria

My name is Christie and I am one of the four women featured in ActionAid’s My Body Is Mine campaign. The campaign helps women and girls reclaim their bodies, speak out against any form of violence and proudly say My Body Is Mine without fear of retribution.

I am a 21-year-old activist from Nigeria and would like to share my #MyBodyIsMine story with you.

9 year-old Kavya (far right) who had never studied art before was able to join art classes through her child sponsorship programme at school.

Education is empowering. That's why, this International Day of the Girl, we're championing every girl's right to education. Find out why so many girls don't get to go to school - and the incredible benefits of giving girls an education. 

Meghan Markle took part in a discussion about ending violence against women and girls

We are thrilled the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, visited ActionAid on Tuesday to see our work and take part in a discussion about ending violence against women and girls. 

Women's leadership was transformative in the aftermath of the Indonesia tsunami

The Indonesia earthquake and tsunami: why women’s leadership worked

Anna Parke – Senior Humanitarian Policy Specialist

28th September marks one year since a series of powerful earthquakes struck the Central Sulawesi province of Indonesia, triggering a tsunami resulting in significant damage and loss of life. Our new research shows how women's leadership made an incredible difference in the aftermath.