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Your gift could support our livestock programme, helping women and their families achieve food security. Photo: Sabin Shrestha/ActionAid

With the run-up to Christmas upon us, here are five reasons to choose something different this year, with our collection of ActionAid charity gifts. 

Peace playing for the UK-based Loughborough Lightning netball squad

ActionAid has been working with the England and Uganda netball teams to promote our work ending violence against women and girls living in poverty. Ahead of a series of matches between the two teams, we spoke to Peace Proscovia – a star shooter for the Ugandan team and Australia's Sunshine Coast Lightning club.

Rani works in the Gauravi Crisis Centre in Bhopal, India, giving support to survivors of violence

Why don't survivors of domestic violence 'just leave'?

Danielle Cornis... – Senior Technical Advisor - Violence Against Women and Girls

Trigger warning: description of domestic violence which some may find distressing.

ActionAid Senior Technical Advisor for Violence Against Women and Girls, Danielle Cornish-Spencer, writes about her own experience of domestic violence, and three of the reasons why survivors of violence don't 'just leave'. 

Jennifer is a lawyer and project officer at an ActionAid shelter in Gulu, Uganda. Photo: Karin Schermbrucker/ActionAid

Shivani is the coordinator of an ActionAid-supported One-Stop Crisis Centre based in Bhopal, India. She writes about our Christmas appeal, Home Shouldn’t Hurt, what it means to her and why it’s so important to support survivors of sexual and domestic violence. 

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Alesha Dixon on our new film - One Girl's Journey

Alesha Dixon – Singer and Britain's Got Talent judge

ActionAid supporter and Britain's Got Talent judge Alesha Dixon writes about why watching One Girl's Journey, our new short film, brought back memories of her trip to Ghana.

ActionAid activists march against misogyny and harassment during President Trump's visit to the UK

We need to keep talking about the harassers

Danielle Cornis... – Senior Technical Advisor - Violence Against Women and Girls

While leading businessmen like Green and Weinstein are being named and shamed, everyday sexists and perpetrators stay in the shadows. We talk about violence against women and girls happening, but frame it as though it occurs by magic. Here's how we can change things.