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Do you understand how your menstrual cycle works? If you don't, you're not alone. New research carried out by YouGov for ActionAid found that a quarter of women in the UK who are aged between 16-39 don't understand their menstrual cycle. Taboos and secrecy around periods affect women and girls across the world. We're kickstarting a conversation in the run up to World Menstrual Hygiene Day this Sunday, so that women and girls aren't held back by a natural process that should be celebrated not shamed. 


Which #SanitarySuperhero are you?

Alexa Phillips – Communications team

Girls can change the world - which is why they shouldn’t be held back by not having access to sanitary towels. 

We know that girl + sanitary towel = superhero. With a sanitary towel, girls can stay in school, become strong, empowered and educated, and able to reach their full potential. 

So to celebrate World Menstrual Hygiene Day, take our quiz to find out which sanitary superhero you are! Then share with your friends and get them to find out theirs....


Street harassment isn’t just a problem in the UK. It’s one of the most pervasive forms of violence against women, a global epidemic that violates women’s rights and holds them back from socialising, working, learning – from living their lives to the full. None of this is acceptable.

The first step to tackling violence is to understand just how widespread it is. With International Safe Cities for Women Day on Saturday 20 May, we’re raising awareness about the reality of violence and harassment around the world. Do you know just how widespread violence against women is? Take the quiz to find out, and share to spread the word.


Corporate tax avoidance - big companies artificially lowering their tax bills - deprives the world’s poorest countries of the money they need to tackle poverty. With campaigning for the General Election in full swing, tax dodging is shaping up to be a key issue. New ActionAid research has revealed that more than 8 in 10 of people in the UK want to see the next UK government clamp down on tax havens and corporate tax avoidance.


How Louisiane is training future women leaders in Haiti

Louisiane Nazare – Women's Rights Coordinator for ActionAid local partner KPGA OFTAG.

In humanitarian crises, women and girls are disproportionately affected. But far from being passive victims, women are amongst the first responders these emergencies, bringing vital skills and knowledge to help save lives and livelihoods. Louisiane Nazaire is one of these women. When Hurricane Matthew struck Haiti in October 2016, she and other members of a women-led cooperative leapt into action. Louisiane explains why women's leadership is essential in emergencies. 


The 2017 election: a chance to stand up for women’s rights

Girish Menon – Chief Executive, ActionAidUK

With the snap general election only weeks away, this is a chance for all political parties to lay out their vision for our country, and the role Britain can play in the world. Our shared values of equality, compassion and fair play demand that we aim for a world without poverty and injustice. And with global progress on women’s rights in real danger of being rolled back, it is vital the UK keeps championing the rights of women and girls internationally.