“In my native Somaliland a disaster is unfolding in slow motion”

Mustafa Ahmed M... – Local Rights Programme Coordinator, ActionAid Somaliland

Mustafa Ahmed Mohammed is part of ActionAid Somaliland's team who are delivering emergency food to families on the brink of survival. He blogs about the communities he works with, who are enduring a terrible drought because of the devastating effects of El Niño


Today marks one year since the people of Nepal suffered the catastrophic death and destruction caused by the first of two massive earthquakes.


Monday 25th April marks 12 months since the first of two earthquakes hit Nepal, claiming over 8,000 lives, destroying over 600,000 homes and causing pain and loss that cannot possibly be measured in numbers. The spirit and determination of Nepalese people to recover and rebuild has been remarkable though.

Thanks to your support ActionAid has been able to help hundreds of families to rebuild their homes and livelihoods. We spoke to some of the women we've been helping to learn how they are getting on, one year on.


Worlds apart: a girl's eye view of hunger

Michelle Lowery – Communications Team

When there’s not enough food to go around, it’s often young girls who suffer the most - and it's not just the devastating effects of malnutrition. Girls are forced to drop out of school to help support their families during times of food shortages, and face early child marriage when families feel that they can’t support them. Meet four girls from Somaliland and Bangladesh whose lives are being torn apart by climate change and the impacts of El Niño.


How do you feed a family during a drought?

Himaya Quasem – Editorial and Stories

The fields outside lie dry and barren, unable to produce the crops that once fed your family. Meanwhile, the cooking pot inside your hut looks equally bare. All you have is a small amount of rice, borrowed from a neighbour, with which to feed several hungry mouths. Then comes the impossible question: who do you feed first? Is it the eldest child who walks long distances in search of water and needs the energy? Or the youngest child who doesn't understand drought and is less easily consoled?


Hunger hurts: mothers struggle to feed their children

Mike Noyes – Head of Humanitarian Response

Climate change and the El Niño weather phenomenon mean that families already living on the margins of survival are struggling to grow or buy the food they desperately need. In Somaliland, drought is causing harvests to fail and turning fields to dust. In Bangladesh, flooding rivers and rising seas are swamping crops and robbing people of their livelihoods. We're working to support the most vulnerable - but we need your help.