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With women’s rights under increasing threat around the world, this week we have a chance to stand up and protect them. A Bill to ratify the Istanbul Convention, a landmark piece of law on violence against women, goes to Parliament for a crucial vote on Friday – here’s how you can help make sure it passes.


At ActionAid, we’re blown away every day by the generosity of our supporters. And at this time of great change and upheaval, when the world can seem polarised, individual acts of kindness and generosity are especially welcome.


At a time when we see views being polarised, and when there are fears and anxieties about seeds of division and hatred being sown, it is important for us to consider the impact this would have on the lives of those who are most marginalised and live in some of the poorest countries of the world. In an increasingly inter-connected world, actions in one country could potentially have global impact – and especially if such actions emanate from some of the most powerful countries in the world. 


Millions face food shortages as drought hits Horn of Africa

Everjoice Win – International Programmes Director, ActionAid

Up to 12 million people across Somalia, Somaliland, Ethiopia and Kenya are in urgent need of food assistance as severe drought has caused a humanitarian crisis. ActionAid is distributing food and water but the situation is critical. In Ethiopia alone more than three million people are acutely malnourished and famine could soon be a reality.​


Meet the FGM heroes: Margaret, Kenya

Margaret – Anti-female genital mutilation campaigner

Margaret, 54, is a proud grandmother who is also a campaigner against female genital mutilation (FGM). She has taken the decision not to cut her daughter and granddaughters - a step that puts her at odds with many other mothers in West Pokot, Kenya, where an estimated 75 per cent of girls endure FGM. She is a member of the ActionAid-funded Kongelai Women’s Network and has talked to cutters about the risks of performing FGM.  


Meet the FGM heroes: Hamda, Somaliland

Hamda – Deputy leader of a women's coalition, Somaliland

Hamda is the deputy leader of a women's coalition in Somaliland. She is a survivor of female genital mutilation (FGM), and she works tirelessly to persuade people within her local community to stop carrying out FGM on their daughters, by sharing her experiences and how it could have destroyed her marriage.