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Death toll in Nepal rises above 3,500

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Posted in News on 27 April 2015 by Mike Noyes

The catastrophic earthquake that hit Nepal on Saturday has now killed more than 3,500 people. Over 6,500 have been injured. As buildings collapse, people face the ongoing risk of being hit, injured or trapped. Please give whatever you can to our emergency response.

Nepal's earthquake has caused many flats to collapse in Kathmandu, leaving thousands of people homeless.
Nepal's earthquake has caused many flats to collapse in Kathmandu, leaving thousands of people homeless.
Photo: ActionAid

Many people have been made homeless and are living outdoors in urgent need of emergency supplies, food and water. The hospitals are overflowing, meaning thousands of people who’ve been hurt are out in the streets desperate to be given medical attention.

Communications are down and little is known about the situation in remote areas, but our staff are on the ground working to make sure we get emergency aid to people as quickly as possible. 

This week, thousands of absolutely brilliant people are coming together to take the ultimate foodie challenge - living on just £1 a day for all of their food and drink.

They will be taking on this incredible challenge to help raise awareness of the 1.2 billion people who are currently living below the global poverty line every day.

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Have you got the appetite to make change happen?

Every penny that you raise this week will be supporting some of the world’s poorest and most vulnerable people around the world – changing the lives of women and children for good.

It is always the poorest who are hit hardest

In Nepal a quarter of people currently live below the global poverty line. Last weekend, a massive earthquake hit the Kathmandu valley causing devastation in Nepal. Thousands are in need of emergency support. 

Global poverty and injustice can feel pretty overwhelming. If you'd like to make the world a better place but you don't know where to start - we've got just the opportunity for you.

We're recruiting volunteer Local Organisers to campaign in communities across the UK. May 24th is the application deadline. Here are five reasons why you should think about applying...

Local organisers and community campaigners
Local organisers and community campaigners at a London training event
Photo: Steve Forrest/ActionAid

1) You'll be in excellent company 

Last year we recruited 10 local organisers, from Leeds to London, from a journalist to an environmental engineer. They're an incredible, inspiring bunch and if you come on board you'll have the privilege of getting to know them too, as well as our ActionAid team - who are also pretty great (not that I'm biased).

Getting married at a young age isn’t something that most women or girls choose to do in the UK, but the fact of the matter is that we have a choice. Whereas in West Pokot, a rural area of Kenya I visited recently, a girl’s point of view doesn’t come into it.

Chepturu, 13, East Pokot, Kenya
Chepturu, 13, East Pokot, Kenya
Photo: Jennifer Huxta/Actionaid

Essentially, being told you are getting married without question is a common way of life. I found it pretty shocking to get my head around but it goes like this:

They were 900 men, women and children fleeing conflict and poverty in some of the world's most troubled countries and they did not deserve to drown off the island of Lampedusa. 

Zaatari Camp
Life in Zaatari Refugee Camp in Jordan
Photo: ActionAid

We will never know who most of those who died were, but I've been reading the testimony of some of those who have made the crossing and it's harrowing.

Moath fled political oppression in Eritrea and told the BBC how he, his wife and baby daughter risked everything. His was just one of many small families who daily face rape, beatings, murder, even dying of thirst in the Sahara desert to reach Libya before making the dangerous Mediterranean crossing.

The idea of living below the line on just £5 for 5 days for all your food and drink can be pretty daunting. You may be tempted to sign up, but you’re panicking about how you are going to survive without your morning cup of coffee...

Well don't worry, you're not alone. Taking the challenge as part of a team will give you the moral support and the budget that you need to stay motivated. Here's some helpful meal plans for two or more people to help you along the way.

Dinner time at our Happy Home project for street girls in Bangladesh
Dinner time at our Happy Home project for street girls in Bangladesh
Photo: Nicolas Axelrod/ActionAid

Meals for two

Pool your funds to make £10 for the week with your other half, BFF, or favourite family member. 

Meet our favourite tag team - 9-year-old Monty and his mum Virginie, who are taking on the full 5 day challenge together.

Mum and SonVirginie and her son Monty getting creative in the kitchen