ActionAid has been working in Ethiopia since 1989. We work with over 700,000 of the country’s poorest people to improve access to basic healthcare, safe, clean water and education. In times of crisis, we provide immediate relief.

We train farmers in agricultural techniques which increase the size and variety of the harvest, while conserving soil and water. We support community schemes which provide affordable loans and credit to people (usually women) who have barely enough to survive.

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Water and women leaders in Ethiopia

ActionAid-supported water facilities in Janamora, over 900km north of the capital, bring women to community leadership.

“Now it is up to us to perform and prove that women can lead and benefit their community. Our vision is to take tap water to every household."

Mitike Meles, Vice Chair Woman of the Janamora Women Water Supply and Management Association.

Janamora Women Water Supply and Management Association is the first initiative to engage women as leaders in the area. It expects to set an example of women leadership abilities in the area.

Child sponsorship in Ethiopia

The East African drought of 2011-2012 - the worst in 60 years - put more than 10 million people in desperate need. Failed rains and rocketing food prices left women and children struggling to survive.

Child sponsorships helps ActionAid deliver emergency supplies of food and water, and support families to prepare and adapt to climate changes so they can survive and not become reliant on food aid.

Photo: Emily Taylor/Shoot The Earth/ActionAid