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Tackle Ebola at source to contain it, says ActionAid

We must tackle the fear at the heart of the Ebola outbreak in West Africa

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100 days since Nigerian schoolgirls abducted: government must keep schools open, ActionAid says

100 days on from the abduction of the Nigerian schoolgirls, ActionAid calls on the Nigerian government to do everything in its power to rescue the girls as well as end criticisism of the Bring Back Our Girls coalition.

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Gaza crisis: ActionAid joins humanitarian agencies in calling for ceasefire and sustained solution towards peace

Gaza crisis: ActionAid joins 33 other humanitarian agencies in calling for a ceasefire and sustained solution towards peace. 

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Don’t criminalise Ebola-affected people – help them, says ActionAid

Ebola tightens its grip on West Africa and we call for more public education.

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