End female genital mutilation

  • Female genital mutilation violates the rights of girls.
  • It can cause severe bleeding, infection, infertility and death.
  • It means that girls often get taken out of education and into child marriage.

ActionAid helps women and girls to escape female genital mutilation. We run girls' clubs and rescue centres, support girls to stay in school, understand their rights and build their own futures.

Stories of change

Theresa Chepution is a mother of nine in West Pokot, West PokotWest PokotKenya. She says:

"I had a terrible experience with female genital mutilation and I don’t want my girls to go through the same pain. When I was mutilated my wound healed over completely and a razor blade was used to cut me open again."

With ActionAid's support, Theresa is campaigning against female genital mutilation.

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All photos: Kate Holt/ActionAid.