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What ActionAid does to end FGM

Female genital mutilation is a traditional practice that’s been going on for thousands of years, and as such, is deeply entrenched in social, economic and political structures.

FGM is illegal in many countries, including the UK, but because the laws aren’t always well enforced, and many people in rural communities are unaware of them, the practice still goes on.

We believe that bringing an end to female genital mutilation requires changes in attitudes and behaviour at all levels of society. 

  • We provide direct support to women and girls who have escaped FGM.
  • We help communities to learn and openly talk about its damaging effects.
  • We run youth groups to help boys and girls speak up to end FGM.
  • We train women to form Women’s Watch Groups to report cases of FGM.
  • We lobby governments to help pass anti-FGM laws.
  • We campaign for an end to violence against women globally.

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About ActionAid

ActionAid is an international charity that works with women and girls living in poverty.

Our dedicated local staff are changing the world with women and girls. We are ending violence and fighting poverty so that all women, everywhere, can create the future they want.

We operate in rural and urban communities across Asia, Africa and Latin America.

We’re committed to ending the cycle of violence in communities around the world, enabling women’s economic empowerment, and supporting women’s and girls’ rights during humanitarian crises.



Page updated 20 March 2020