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What we do

ActionAid is changing the lives of the poorest, most disadvantaged women and children in the world – for good.

Not accepting survival as enough. Empowering them to understand their rights and the power they have to change their own lives.

We change lives for good by focusing on five key areas of work.

Click the links below to find out more about what the problems are and how we’re working with communities to build long-term solutions.

Ending hunger

Every day, millions of women living in extreme poverty struggle to grow or buy enough food to feed their children. We help by giving people the skills they need to grow more sustainable food, and by campaigning to address the causes of hunger.

Women's rights and gender equality

Women are more likely to live in poverty, simply because they are women. We help them to understand and claim their rights, to challenge injustice and to fight for gender equality.

Emergencies and conflicts

When disaster strikes we provide help straight away, as well as setting up lasting projects to help people rebuild their lives and prepare for future disasters.


Education isn’t a privilege - it’s a right. Over 58 million children, mostly girls, are still missing out on school. We’re working to change that

Unjust tax and economic systems

The world’s global economic system works against the poorest people. We campaign for tax justice, fairer wages and more effective aid to tackle the root causes of poverty.