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Purity, 13, in Kongelai, West Pokot, Kenya.

£7 a month could help to run a safe house for girls who have escaped FGM


What ActionAid does

Around the world, women and children are affected the most by poverty. From the moment they are born, girls especially face inequalities and injustice in almost every aspect of their lives.

ActionAid puts women and girls at the centre of our work across 45 countries. We make sure girls go to and stay in school, we work with communities to end gender-based violence, and we train women in the skills they need to earn a living.

We also help women and communities prepare for and recover from disasters, at a time when they can be at their most vulnerable. We demand action at local, national and international level. We don’t walk away until we’ve achieved lasting change.

How we use the money you give us

For every £1 we spend:

84.6p is spent on charitable activities

14.9p is spent on raising income

0.5p is spent on running the charity and other costs

These figures are taken from our expenditure in 2015.

We’re committed to keeping our supporters happy and being open and honest about how we fundraise. To find out more you can read our fundraising commitment.

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Other ways to support our work

Donating by post

If you’d prefer to donate by post, make out a cheque payable to ActionAid UK, and send it to:

ActionAid UK Supporter Care Team,
Chataway House, Leach Road
Chard, Somerset
TA20 1FR.


Contact us

We’re here to help. You can contact us by phone or email.

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