Ethiopia: Vicky's Water Project and the Lera Town Fund

On 17 October 2006, Vicky Buchanan was killed by a lorry whilst cycling to work. Since then, her friends and family have worked tirelessly to create a positive legacy from their loss.

Vicky spent many months in Ethiopia as part of her Postgraduate Degree on Water Management, so it seemed right to identify a cause within the area for which she had such a passion. Vicky's Water Project was born.

Vicky's Water Project has already transformed Ethiopia's Lera Town and the five surrounding villages. Now we want to ensure that every child in Lera Town has the chance of a great education. With your support, we can help the people of Lera Town free themselves from poverty.

Thanks to you: Nearly £600,000 has already been raised by Vicky's friends and family and has led to a remarkable transformation in Lera Town and the surrounding villages.

Vicky's legacy in Ethiopia is 450,000 litres of reservoir capacity, 23 water kiosks, and 32 pipes, all put together by over 5000 community volunteer. That means thousands of people whose lives are no longer blighted by terrible water shortages every year.