How we work

Learn about our approach, what we do that makes us different to other charities, our objectives underpinning our mission and what we do in the UK to change lives for good around the world.

  • Our strategy

    Our strategy

    ActionAid's vision is a world without poverty and injustice, in which every person enjoys their right to a life of dignity.

  • Our local initiatives

    Our local initiatives

    Learn about some of our most effective initiatives and ways of working that we use around the world to empower women and girls to achieve lasting change.

  • ActionAid's work in the UK

    ActionAid's work in the UK

    In the UK, ActionAid fundraises, offers child sponsorship, campaigns for change, helps shape UK policy, and offers free teaching resources to UK schools.

  • Celebrity ambassadors and supporters

    Celebrity ambassadors and supporters

    Our celebrity ambassadors and supporters are dedicated to supporting our work with women and girls.