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On International Women’s Day 2019, ActionAid is celebrating the women of tomorrow.

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Around the world, 263 million children are still out of school, and twice as many girls as boys will never even start school. But we know that the education of girls transforms lives — and entire communities.

That’s why we invest in the future of girls living in poverty around the world, by putting an end to violence, ensuring girls get the education they deserve, and empowering women to access their rights. 

This International Women’s Day, you can support ActionAid to celebrate the women of tomorrow.

By sponsoring a girl, you can start an amazing friendship and help provide for a girl’s education as she grows and thrives. And by supporting our work with a regular donation, you can help us carry out our ambitious long-term plans to support women and girls’ rights in the poorest countries around the world.

You could also celebrate the day by choosing a gift for a loved one from our life-changing Gifts in Action. The range includes a bundle of classroom essentials that could ensure girls get access to the education they deserve — even in times of crisis. Because we won’t stop until girls are out of danger, out of poverty and on track to create the future they want.

How to invest in the women of tomorrow 

What is the theme of International Women’s Day 2019?

International Women’s Day 2019 is on Friday, 8th March, and the theme of the day is ‘Balance for Better’.

That means striving towards a fairer, more gender-balanced world, where women can access every opportunity available to men.

But it also means striving towards a more gender-balanced workforce — from boardrooms to governments, newsrooms to classrooms. 

Because when these places are more diverse and balanced, we know that businesses, communities and whole economies can thrive


Page updated 11 March 2019