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Where does the money go?

The climate crisis is a major focus of the Arise Fund.

As the changing climate leads to increases in severe storms, flooding, droughts and other hazards, it is the poorest countries that are worst hit, and it is the women and girls in those countries who are disproportionately affected.

As well as bringing urgently needed medical response in the immediate aftermath of a crisis, the Arise Fund helps train local women as community leaders and set up safe spaces for women to meet, receive information, learn more about specific risks they face like gender-based violence, and access referral services.

How your donation makes a difference

Over the next 10 years, our ambition is to raise £5 million to reach two million people around the world through women’s leadership. We can only meet this goal with the help of generous supporters who share our commitment to gender equality and lasting change.  

ActionAid has a strong track record of emergency response, and we know that our approach works. Since 1974 we have responded to emergencies – from natural disasters and disease outbreaks to conflicts and refugee crises – in 47 countries. 

And we know that when women rise – when women lead – a better future becomes possible.

Joyce, 43, is a women's forum leader in Vanuatu

Solaye Snider/ActionAid

How women leaders make the difference

Joyce is the leader of a women's forum in Vanuatu, which evolved from ActionAid’s humanitarian response to Cyclone Pam in 2015. 

When the cyclone hit, it left widespread devastation in her community, but women in some villages were excluded from the emergency response.

"Sometimes they reject all the women thinking all the women are not enough to do the work," she said.

Joyce joined the Women I Tok Tok Tugeta women's forum which, supported by ActionAid, enabled women to identify their own needs, lead action plans to addresses those issues, and build solidarity and power with one another.

"If women group together and talk… then all the leaders of the community, specifically all the men, can trust the ladies," she said. "Then they can agree we can have rights to work together with all the men."

Since Joyce became President, she has led the forum in their disaster prepardness work, and in responding to the impact of climate change.

She hopes "that women leaders will emerge from this group to be a role model to the future generation."

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Page updated 31 March 2021