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    Just 22% of children attend secondary school.1
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    Only 28% of the population has enough food to eat.2
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    One in five girls are married by her 18th birthday.3

Members of the Batwa community are discriminated against and evicted from their lands in Burundi.

Photo: Josias Ogden Ukuriniyesu/ActionAid

What we do in Burundi

Helping farmers grow food

Climate change, recurring natural hazards, land scarcity, and conflict have led to widespread displacement of farmers and a loss of livestock in Burundi. A shortage of good quality seeds means thousands of farmers are forced to use seeds that are prone to disease. As a result, many harvests are ruined and people go hungry.

ActionAid provides small-scale farmers with the training and tools they need to grow and multiply quality seeds, thus producing a better crop.

Through this support, we're helping hundreds of women to feed their children, as well as sell extra crops to pay for school fees and medicine.

Helping young people  on the road to self-employment

Unemployment is high in Burundi. One out of two educated young people and 60% of those who haven’t had been to school can’t find employment and don’t have the opportunity to learn vocational skills.

ActionAid helps young people to set up their own businesses by providing training in basic business management.

Raising awareness of women's rights

One in five girls in Burundi are married by their 18th birthday1. Often these marriages are informal, or polygamous, meaning women can easily be abandoned by their husbands with several children and no means to support themselves. 

ActionAid has been working with the Batwa community, Burundi's indigenous people to raise awareness of women's and children’s rights, including the risks of informal and polygamous marriage.

We support couples to legalise their marriage and receive marriage certificates to provide women with greater marriage security.

By providing training and financial support to women farmers associations, we’re also helping women to make their own money and become more independent.


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Coronavirus crisis

An inadequate health system in Burundi is struggling to address the coronavirus outbreak efficiently. 

To compound the crisis, Burundi has experienced a new outbreak of cholera, high numbers of cases of malaria and measles as well as heavy rains and strong winds which have already caused a lot of upheaval and damage, since the beginning of 2020,

ActionAid has convened a Covid-19 response team that plans to provide comprehensive information to partners and communities on accessing services in Burundi including detailed contacts of facilities that provide services.

We are also planning to provide a handwashing station and disseminate hygiene information for the prevention and control of Covid-19.

We urgently need your help to support the most vulnerable to stop the spread and save lives. 

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Top image: Gorethi Niambona, a small holder farmer from Karusi Province, Burundi. Stephen Wandera/ActionAid