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ActionAid has been active in Malawi since 1990.

We now work in 12 districts to improve long-term access to food, water, healthcare and education.

Why we work in Malawi

Poverty is the root cause of almost all challenges facing the people of Malawi. Small-scale farmers lack the initial investment to buy tools, seed and land, girls are often forced to abandon education and marry to support their families and women suffer because they are denied their economic rights.

Financial stability has improved in recent years, with measures to tackle corruption being introduced, but the country remains one of the poorest in the world. Many families lack access to sufficient land and hunger is a widespread problem.

How we’re changing lives for good in Malawi

Through our child sponsorship programme, ActionAid offers support and encouragement for girls to stay in education, working with local partners to provide mentors, houses for female teachers in rural areas and workshops for girls wishing to return to education. We work in adult literacy and partner with women’s forums to promote women’s rights within marriage.

We support women’s forums, which are crucial in tackling violence against women and girls and child marriage. We help women farmers to develop sustainable farming practices to help them build a brighter future for their families, and we support local savings loan groups and seed banks.

We also support groups for people living with HIV and AIDS, fighting to improve access to anti-retroviral drugs and the nutrition necessary for these drugs to be effective.

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Photo: Paul Wu/ActionAid