A nursing mother takes her child to a health centre in The Gambia.


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Our Ambassador Network is a group of individuals who generously support our work to fight poverty and create long-term sustainable change. The minimum donation to become an Ambassador is £5,000 per year. This amazing commitment enables us to help thousands more people who may not otherwise be reached.

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ActionAid’s Arise Fund is the first ever global fund directly supporting women-led emergency response and preparedness work. When women rise, amazing change is possible. Please help us reach two million people around the world.

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We also work with advisors and intermediaries to meet the needs of clients looking to invest in this area of work.

Talat is the first female rickshaw driver in Bhopal.

Abbie Trayler Smith/ActionAid

Driving change: Talat's triumph

Talat is 29 and lives in Bhopal, India, where she makes a living as an auto-rickshaw driver. She mastered this skill with the help of a one-stop crisis centre called Gauravi after she left an abusive marriage. 

Not only has this work enabled Talat to earn an income and become financially independent, but it also made it possible for her to help keep her community safe during the 2020 pandemic by leading ActionAid’s Covid response. 

The ActionAid-supported Gauravi Centre was looking for drivers to deliver thousands of vital food packages each day to marginalised communities in the Bhopal area in 2020. When Talat learned about this team effort, she knew she wanted to be part of it. 

“Just as I was supported by them, I wanted to also support others”. 

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A nursing mother takes her child to a health centre in The Gambia for her child's weekly clinical checkup. ML Touray/ActionAid

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