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ActionAid started working in Liberia during the war of April 1996.After the offices were looted, our staff were forced to flee, returning in 1997. In 2002, we had to concentrate around urban and suburban areas as rural areas were no longer safe.

We began working with a food security project to restore people’s livelihoods after the war. We distributed seed and tools, worked on the development of farm families, and helped women to find ways of making an income. By 2011 we had a large enough presence in Liberia that we were able to launch a major appeal to help refugees fleeing violence in the neighbouring Ivory Coast.

We now work on women’s rights, HIV/AIDS, governance, education, rehabilitation of child soldiers and emergencies

Child sponsorship in Liberia

Sponsoring children helps to provide for families as well as funding programmes so that Liberians can rebuild their country. 

Our youth social and economic reintegration programme enables former child soldiers to gain abilities and tools they can use to make a living. They can learn basic skills in carpentry, masonry, agriculture, vegetable production or animal husbandry.

Safety and security in Liberia

Liberia is recovering from more than two decades of civil war. More than 200,000 people were killed in the conflict and around a third of the population was forced from their homes. The conflict left the country in economic ruin. More than 40,000 fighters — including 15,000 children — needed to be disarmed and reintegrated into society.

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