Mina is sewing a brighter future for her family

Action Magazine

Action Magazine is your exclusive look at how women and girls around the world are changing their lives.

This edition focuses on women and girls who are leading their communities through crisis and emergencies.  

Meet Norma and Gloria from Guatemala, women on the frontline of natural disasters who are helping their village affected by flooding. Thanks to your support, women can be better equipped to assist in times of crisis.  

You can also read how – thanks to the generosity of supporters like you – we are supporting the people affected by the Gaza crisis. By working with local regional partners, we can support basic needs and provide medical assistance.  

Our work is only possible thanks to your contribution. Download the magazine to read more about the amazing women and girls who are taking the lead when disaster strikes. 

Action Magazine: Autumn 2023

Read this season's stories

Read this season's stories

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Top image: Women like Mina are turning their skills into income. Credit: Angela Shrestha /ActionAid  

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