9 last-minute Christmas presents (from just £10!)

24 November 2021

There's no need to panic if you've left your shopping too late! Explore our top nine last-minute Christmas presents - you can add an e-card or print at home.

For just £30, your goat gift will help a farming family in Burundi - and it makes a great present for a loved one.

For just £30, your goat gift will help a farming family in Burundi - and it makes a great present for a loved one. Photo: Peter Lloyd

Whether it’s a secret santa, a stocking filler or even a ‘main present’, it’s easy to miss something off the Christmas list! 

So if you’ve left it until the last minute, don’t panic. Our Gifts in Action collection has a festive smorgasbord of present ideas for every budget. 

And, brand new for 2021, you can now choose to send a printed gift, print your card at home, or even send an e-card on the date of your choice. So it doesn’t matter how late you’ve left it… it’s never too late to snap up a last-minute Christmas present!

Please note: for guaranteed postal delivery in time for Christmas Day, please order by 12pm on Friday 17th December (or choose a print-at-home or e-card option and you can order right up until Christmas!)

  • 1 Period kit gift (£12)

    Our period kit is a thoughtful idea for the feminist in your life! You’ll be helping to end period poverty by vital menstrual products, clean underwear and soap for refugees in an emergency.

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  • 2 School uniform gift (£10)

    For just £10, a school uniform is a budget-friendly gift that’s perfect as a last-minute stocking filler. You could provide one child with the uniform they need to attend school.

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  • 3 Goat gift (£30)

    Goat-ally fantastic, our goat gift is one of our most popular Christmas ideas! A lack of quality soil has made it difficult for families in Burundi to grow crops, but a goat produces high-quality manure, which can help a family to improve their crops and bring food security to their community.

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  • 4 School backpack gift (£10)

    This gift is almost too cool for school! You could provide a child with a comfortable backpack so they can carry their books to school each day.

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  • 5 Beehive gift (£35)

    You’ll be the buzz of the town with this un-bee-lievable beehive gift! This provides one farmer in Kenya with a beehive, which supports the nesting of honeybees while helping a woman and her family achieve financial security.

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  • 6 Shelter kit gift (£18)

    In the wake of an emergency or disaster, a shelter kit gift could provide a family with the materials they need to create a safe place to sleep while they rebuild their lives.

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  • 7 Breeding pair of goats (£60)

    What’s better than one goat? Two! Our goat gift provides a family in Burundi with two goats, whose offspring can support a family for years to come.

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  • 8 School materials (£30)

    Ten children can be supported to go to school with this amazing gift. You’ll provide new books and pencils to help children living in poverty get the education they deserve.

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  • 9 Water gift (£25)

    Water you waiting for? This life-changing water gift can make an amazing difference in the aftermath of a disaster or emergency, providing a family with one month’s supply of water to drink, cook or clean with.

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Our 2021 Christmas appeal

This Christmas, you could also make an enormous difference by supporting our Christmas appeal to let girls learn.

Around the world, there are millions of girls who are being denied their right to an education, putting them at greater risk of child marriage, violence and staying trapped in poverty throughout their lives.

But every girl has the right to go to school. Every girl has the power to transform her own future, and build a life free from poverty – if only she’s given the chance. See how you can help girls to get the education that is their right.

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