The Real Avatar: Vedanta in Niyamgiri

Lotty Reynolds


The destruction by a mining company of a sacred ecosystem, the source of food, culture and medicines for thousands of tribal people - sound familiar?  

To the Kondh tribal people this isn’t the science fiction of the film Avatar, it’s a reality.

The Kondh people’s determination to save their ancestral homeland and way-of-life from British-listed mining company Vedanta Resources' plans to build an open cast bauxite mine is as strong as ever – but without mythical beasts to fly to their rescue. 

The Indian government is now publicly engaging with the issue and we must send a message that this mine should not be allowed to happen.

Corporations cannot be allowed to put profits before people and the environment.

Please support the Kondh by:

Watching More4's Cowboys in India - Documentary-maker Simon Chambers' personal take on the impact of Vedanta’s refinery – now to be expanded five-fold! - on the once tiny village of Lanjigarh. The bravery of his two guides and those tribal representatives who risked speaking out should not be underestimated.