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Greenpeace have launched an amazingly powerful campaign against Nestle, protesting against the use of palm oil in their products because rainforests are ripped up for palm oil plantations.

Watch the video if you dare - it's bound to put even the most avid chocolate fan off their treats!

But the point around the ethics of palm oil production stretches beyond using it in food - because palm oil is actually used in power generation and transport fuel, too.

Palm oil is a biofuel, and growing it on an industrial scale destroys habitats and biodiversity.  Growing industrial biofuels also has a big impact on climate change - so we need to stop the using palm oil in fuel, food and power, as whatever it's used for, the outcome is the same. 

Soon, we may all be forced to run our cars on petrol with even more biofuel in it - using fuel such as palm oil - thanks to the department for transport's national action plan, even though biofuels can actually add to climate change. Scary, isn't it? 

So take the UK's consumption of biofuels, like palm oil, into your own hands - and email the department for transport telling them that you don't want to put biofuels into your car