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New Tax Haven Pops Up in London

Chris Jordan

Tax Justice Campaign Manager

Tax havens are often called “sunny places for shady people”.

With just a few days to go before world leaders come together at the G8 summit to hammer out a deal, we though we should remind them just how ridiculous it is to turn a blind eye to these places.

As part of the IF campaign, we’ve created the Isle of Shady overlooking the City of London, complete with bags of loot direct from Africa, which is currently in the clutches of some fat cat business men.

We’ll be down on the South Bank, next door to the Oxo Tower all day, asking the public to join the campaign and telling David Cameron and the G8 to sort out shady tax havens next week.

For developing countries it’s no laughing matter. They lose an estimated three times more to tax havens than they receive in aid each year. That’s money that could be invested in supporting small scale farmers, improving roads and irrigation systems, which could end hunger once and for all. Instead, 1 in 8 continues to go hungry every night.

With pressure is mounting on the G8 to agree an ambitious deal that would bring an end to tax haven secrecy – but there’s a real chance that developing countries will be left out in the cold.

We're turning up the pressure to make sure that doesn't happen.

If you’re in London, please drop by, say hello and take action.  If not…then you can show your support by leaving a polite message on David Cameron's Facebook page asking for him to take action to end tax havens.