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Don't want Barclays to be bankers to tax dodgers? Neither do more than 50,000 people who've complained so far! Help us pile on the pressure at their Annual General Meeting (AGM) by telling them what you think.

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Activists from Zambia and Denmark with their messages to Barclays

AGM time

On April 24th, Barclays will host their AGM in central London. This is a real moment under the spotlight for Barclays' CEO Antony Jenkins — after two years promsing to clean up the bank he'll be getting plenty shareholder scrutiny and international press attention.

Since Barclays is still promoting tax havens to big businesses in Africa, and given that tax havens help to drain vital public resources from some of the world's poorest countries, we want to use their AGM to make some noise about this. ActionAid campaigners will be inside questioning the Barclays Board, and outside with a pop up tax haven.

Send your message

Campaigners from all over the world can get their voices heard at the AGM by sending us messages to pass on to Barclays — we'll deliver them with the 50,000 complaints already made about their tax haven promotions.

Writing tips

  • Essentially we're asking them not to be a bank for tax dodgers. 
  • If you make your message personal, it will have more impact. Say why you think tax dodging is such a problem, especially in Africa.
  • Be polite! However angry you are, Barclays staff are more likley to listen if you keep it civil. Rude comments are easy to write off.
  • We're not accusing Barclays of dodging tax themselves — we don't have evidence for this. But we do know that their Offshore Corporate division is promoting tax havens to businesses in Africa.

Campaigner messages for inspiration

“By promoting the use of tax havens in Africa which enable tax dodging Barclays is doing more harm than good in Africa.”

David Habba, Nigeria

“Tax revenue funds infrastructure essential for fighting poverty and keeps governments accountable to their citizens — Barclays promoting tax havens is utterly unacceptable.”

Jonathan Waring, UK

You can write your message to Barclays in the blog comments below, or email it to me at