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Tilvas Ngosa

ActionAid Activista campaigner (Zambia)

My name is Tilvas Ngosa. I am ActionAid Activista campaigner based in Lusaka, Zambia. I am proud of being Zambian, especially that it is one of the most peaceful nations on the globe. However I am not proud that despite being the second largest copper producer in the world, two out of three people still live below the poverty line. On the 24th October my country celebrates 50 years of independence, yet there is still a shortage of medicine and poor health service delivery - two hospitals in the capital Lusaka cater for over 13 million people. Truly, poverty is the worst form of human rights violation.

Tilvas marches to the HQ of Vedanta’s Zambian subsidiary KCM as part of a demonstration by ActionAid Zambia and civil society partners.

Stand in solidarity with Zambia

It doesn’t have to be this way. Developing countries loose three times more tax than they receive in aid each year. My country would be less dependent on donor aid to sustain national development if it received its fair share of taxation from extractive mining companies and from other multinational companies. Increased tax revenues would help fund the much needed health service, education, water and sanitation, and reduce poverty.

This is why I’m asking you to stand in solidarity with campaigners in Zambia and join the Towns Against Tax Dodging campaign. By signing up your local council and making the campaign more visible in your area, you will be building grassroots pressure on your leaders in the lead up to UK elections next year. Your call for tax justice will have a huge impact on Zambia and countries across the globe.

A growing global movement

There is a growing campaign movement in Zambia against tax dodging, led by ActionAid Zambia, supported by the church and civil society. Our most recent protest was against Konkola Copper Mines (KCM), owned by UK mining giant Vedanta. We marched with over 200 concerned citizens to KCM headquarters to present a petition for the mining giant to come clean about its profits and pay its fair share of tax so that we Zambians also benefit from our mineral. Because of our action, the President warned KCM over its dishonesty and the government has begun a forensic audit of KCM’s finances.

Ask your council to support Towns Against Tax Dodging

Dedicated supporters, we know that if we take individual actions, we can make change happen. I am fighting against tax dodging in my community — will you join me and bring your community on board Towns Against Tax Dodging?